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Zoos Victoria

Digital refresh for 3 well known Australian zoos features a responsive website, iPhone app and point of sale screens. Visit site



Zoos Victoria operates 3 separate zoos, each with their own brand guidelines and tone of voice. As the lead designer, my challenge was to completely redesign the UX to manifest the excitement of visiting the zoo online, whilst bringing these 3 contrasting visual styles together under one coherent design system.

Zoos Victoria’s homepage contains clear links to each Zoo as well as global key calls to action like Become a Member.



As the state’s largest paid tourist attraction, Zoos Victoria needed a kick-ass website. Refreshing the UX was fundamental – I was involved in the initial wireframes, IA and user testing. I then spearheaded the visual design, presenting mood boards to the client to focus the tone of voice then on to the full UI design.

Each Zoo has its own distinct masthead with strong brand colours used selectively to provide visual distinction.

So much was the success of the project, it won a Platinum award at the Creativity International Awards in 2013. This led to a long standing relationship with Zoos Victoria, during which I worked on several projects including an app and point of sale screens.

I used a masonry-style layout to add character to each species, and accordions to focus each individual conservation action.


iPhone App

When Zoos Victoria asked us to explore app ideas for their primary property, Melbourne Zoo I decided to focus what a visitor to a zoo wants most out of an app – planning and wayfinding.

Information architecture and wireframes outline a key strategy to cross-link all areas of the app back to finding exhibits on the map.

In order to give the app unique value over the mobile website, I wanted to take advantage of the device’s features such as the calendar for setting Keeper Talk reminders, the audio player for guided tours and GPS for marking the visitor’s location on the map.

In the app you can set alerts (left) listen to audio soundbites (middle) and filter the map to show/hide amenities.

In addition to UX and UI design I was also tasked with artworking the vectors for the app which included animal and building icons for the fun and easy to navigate Zoo map.

The vector illustration of the Zoo map was made fully interactive with ability to turn on/off amenities and view your current location.

The app won Gold at the Creativity International Awards in 2014.