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Concept artwork for an online game promoting upcoming Disney On Ice show, Princesses & Heroes.



Feld Entertainment wanted to create an online game to promote a new UK-wide Disney On Ice show. The game was to be aimed at young children and feature all of the Princess & Heroes characters featured in the upcoming show. Other than that, how the game worked and how it looked was left completely up to me and my team.

Instruction screen and gameplay concepts for one of the games based on The Little Mermaid.

As you might expect from Disney, all character artwork came supplied as beautifully illustrated vector graphics. This gave me the creative freedom to present the characters in high fidelity, visually-rich mockups.

Supplied Sleepy Beauty and Allandin artwork, as used in email templates promoting the show.

Three versions of the start page show a steady increase in the interface’s simplicity and visual impact.


5 Princesses, 5 Heroes, 5 Games

Due to the game’s requirements of a rich, colourful experience we had to present high fidelity concepts even in the initial client presentation. Not doing so would fail to get the client to feel enough excitement towards the concept to move forward.

Each game features an instructions screen as well as an end screen which displays their score.