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BT Business

iPhone and Android apps designed to give British Telecom’s B2B customers clear real time updates on bill payments and service outages.



British Telecom are the largest communications company in the UK. Their business customers are busy and don’t want to spend time tracking orders and service outages. If they could access this information quickly in real time it would greatly reduce the volume of calls to the customer support desk.

Loading screen, dashboard and order detail page shown in Android and iOS.


Card Sorting

BT came to the table with a list of functional requirements that greatly outweighed the scope of the project. So the first step was to get them into a room and perform an exercise to separate the critical from the low priority requirements.

Card sorting exercises on the whiteboard aimed to group features into priority before organizing into logical groupings.


Making business less business-y

Creating an engaging design is always going to be a challenge with subject matter such as this. The content populating the app consisted of text and numbers, no images, and so to combat this I chose to use bright colours in high contrast alongside a bold isometric illustration style.

BT’s bright brand colours and isometric illustrations were chosen to frame large sections of the app such as the onboarding (left).

Clarity was a fundamental design principle of this product. Often the user is dealing with an emergency situation such as a phone line outage, and it was important the UI made it as easy as possible for users to find and understand important content.

Quick links to open faults are called out on the home screen (left) along with easy to understand timeline of events in the fault tracker (right).

The project had a successful launch into the UK App Store and Google Play Store in 2018. View on the App Store.