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BMW Engage

First designed for BMW/MINI Australia, now a global product, this tool gives customers all they need to upgrade their vehicle online. Visit site



BMW Financial Services were having trouble retaining their lease customers at the end of their term. They needed an inspirational way of giving drivers all the options for upgrading their BMW or MINI without them having to visit a dealership.

The ‘vehicle detail’ stage of the completed BMW website.


Virtual Showroom

We engineered a solution that not only modernized the retention process but made it more interesting and convenient for the customer. They could explore options and configure payment plans on their next BMW or MINI in an online virtual showroom.

Initial concept wireframe and final vehicle select page for MINI.

Analysis of user expectations told us that the solution had to be a fully responsive, personalized experience. The product would also integrate with a complex CRM system to leverage customer data and deliver accurate quotes.

By integrating with the CRM, personal data can be used to log the customer in and set form field defaults to match their contract.


Brand Identity

BMW and MINI both have strict brand identity guidelines yet differ considerably in tone of voice. BMW maintains a serious, professional image while MINI is much more fun and playful. My challenge was to develop a single engineering solution under two contrasting interfaces.

The vehicle selection process on BMW and MINI both integrate with the same backend but look very different to match the brand.

I spearheaded the project at all stages. From initial concept generation, UX and client presentation through to the final UI and post-launch analysis with A/B testing to boost conversion rates.

UI designed in this BMW/MINI project would form a design system for future rollouts.


International Rollout

The pilot project resulted in a positive increase in customer retention in Australia. After I was asked to to present the concept to executives in Malaysia, the product was approved to roll out in 5 more countries.

iPad and iPhone mockups from the Korean version of the product.